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New Ownership

Hello all, this is Darran McManus. I’m just making a short announcement that I am now running this blog. I’m currently thinking about what texts or other media to cover. One thing I’d like to focus on is getting the … Continue reading

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Lúcián 30

XXX. Zeús agus Hermés agus Mómos. Cúirt na nDéithe Duine de sna déithibh ab ea Mómos agus b’é “Conán Maol” na ndéithe é. Chonaic sé go mbíodh na seanadhéithe ag cnáimhseáil agus ag gearán eatarthu féin mar gheall ar na … Continue reading

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Great Youtube stream by Irish nationalist

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Website likely to become available

Dear all, I’ve struggled with learning Irish for a long term, and learnt to cope with the vindictiveness and hatred of Irish people towards English people. I do not think anyone could justifiably feel proud of being Irish, or not … Continue reading

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Lúcián 29

XXIX. Tímón (Ar leanúint.) Ní héidir gur ag taibhreamh atáim agus go ndúiseóinn agus ansan ná beadh san ór so go léir ach gual! Ach is ór fírinneach é. Is ea go deimhin; agus an séala ceart buailte ar gach … Continue reading

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Irish oppose foreign Deliveroo workers

  Good video by Orla Red here. RTÉ is promoting the idea that Ireland ought to be multiracial, and that Irish jobs are not for Irish people alone. That is an extreme point of view that derives from Cultural Marxism. … Continue reading

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How it Happened

1 The tourists who had come to view Westminster Abbey gathered to watch the spectacle as tanks rolled down the street towards the “Supreme Court” building on Parliament Square. There had been no warning of troop movements. The BBC had … Continue reading

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Commenting via Dissenter

Dear all, my comments on other sites can all be viewed at I will comment there on some of the nonsense promoted on the Irish Language Forum at Dissenter is censorship-proof, and it thus gets round Brendan Sheehy’s … Continue reading

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