verbal nouns in the dative

amhastrach: ag amhastraigh, barking

béiceach: ag béicigh, shouting, crying out

blaidhreach: ag blaidhrigh, bawling

búirtheach: ag búirthigh, bellowing, roaring

cnagarnach: ag cnagarnaigh, cracking, crunching

cneadach: ag cneadaigh, grunting, panting

cogarnach: ag cogarnaigh, whispering

eiteallach: ar eiteallaigh, flying, in flight

géimreach: ag géimrigh, lowing (of cattle)

léimreach: ag léimrigh, leaping [a continual act of leaping, as oppposed to léimt]

liúireach: ag liúirigh, howling/cheering

luascarnach: ag luascarnaigh, shaking, oscillating

lúbarnach: ag lúbarnaigh, twisting, wriggling

meigeallach: ag meigeallaigh, bleating

méileach: ag méiligh, bleating

méanfaíoch: ag méanfaígh, yawning

míogarnach: ag míogarnaigh, dozing

plobarnach: ag plobarnaigh, gurgling, bubbling, splashing

preabarnach: ag preabarnaigh, bounding, jumping, throbbing

screadach: ag screadaigh, screaming, shrieking

siosrach: ag siosraigh, neighing (of horses)

spréacharnach: ag spréacharnaigh, scintillating

sranntarnach: ag sranntarnaigh, snoring

uallfartach: ag uallfartaigh, howling


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