The Bible in Cork Irish

These files have not yet been proofread. If errors are spotted, it would be helpful to notify in comments.

Geinisis (complete apart from 3 small missing sections): here.
Ecsodus (complete apart from some missing sections): here.
Leviticus (complete apart from a missing page): here.
Uimhreacha (complete): here.
Deuteronomí (complete): here.
Iósué (complete): here.
Breithiúin (complete): here.
Rút (complete): here.
1 Samuél/1 Ríthe (complete): here.
2 Samuél/2 Ríthe (complete): here.
3 Ríthe (complete apart from one page): here.
4 Ríthe (five chapters missing, the manuscript pages believed to have been entirely lost): here.
1 Paralipomenón (complete): here.
2 Paralipomenón (complete): here.
1 Esdras (complete): here.
2 Esdras/Nehemías (complete): here.
Esther (complete): here.
Iob (complete): here.
Sailm (complete): here.
Seanfhocail (complete): here.
Ecclesiastés (complete): here.
Cantic na gCanticí ó Sholomon (complete): here.
Isaias (complete): here.
Ieremias (31 chapters): here.
Ieremias ag Caoineadh (complete): here.
Esechiel (complete): here.
Daniel (complete): here.
Osee (Hosea) (complete): here.
Ioel (complete): here.
Amos (complete): here.
Abdias (complete): here.
Ionas (complete): here.
Micheas (complete): here.
Nahum (complete): here.
Habacuc (complete): here.
Sophonias (complete): here.
Aggeus (complete): here.
Sacharias (complete): here.
Malachias (complete): here.

Joint vocabulary file: here.