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Dictionary of Southern English Pronunciation

This PDF is my attempt to devise a narrow transcription for Southern English pronunciation – only 103 lemmas in so far, but a long explanation in the foreward.

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An oiread san

This is a brief addendum to my file on chapter 2 of Séadna, which contains some examples of oiread, which I forgot to note: oiread: “amount”, pronounced /irʹəd/. An oiread san, “as much”; an oiread airgid agus a …, “as … Continue reading

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Séadna chapter 2

Caibideal a Dó. Nóra. ’Sea! —a Pheig. Táimíd anso—arís. Tá saothar orm—bhíos ag rith. Bhí eagla orm—go mbeadh an scéal ar siúl rómham, agus go mbeadh cuid de caillte agam. Peig. Imbriathar go bhfanfaimís leat, a Nóra, a lao. Níl … Continue reading

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Séadna chapter 1

SÉADNA. [Note: the best resources for study of Séadna are PUL’s own authorised Foclóir do Shéadna, and  also the official translation of Séadna, published in 1915 “by the author’s wish and authority” by the Irish Book Company, which also published … Continue reading

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Notes on Irish Words and Usages

This work is a compilation, published in 1926, of comments by PUL in the Cork Weekly Examiner 1910-15 on readers queries about sentences in his works. Sg. refers to his Scéalaíochta as an mBíobla Naofa, which many of the examples … Continue reading

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