Punishing patriots

We read today of how British patriots working in the Inland Revenue paid less child benefit to people quaintly referred to as “non-nationals”. They have been sacked, in a disgraceful, politically inspired abuse of power by Revenue bosses. Who are non-nationals? And why are we subsidising them anyway? These people should be getting medals, not the sack. An ethnic supremacist called Patrick Yu, chief executive of some unconstitutional body called the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities, applauded the sackings — but do non-Chinese get money from the Chinese taxpayer? I am sick and tired of the scroungers and the ethnic supremacists who are their spokesmen. Naturally all the newspapers — largely spokesrags for the ethnic lobby nowadays, including the Daily Mail and the Telegraph — claimed the Revenue men were “racist” — without even bothering to ask why money is being handed out to non-citizens. Don’t get me started either on those of our “citizens” who are not members of our nation — the whole thing has become confused. Non-nationals should not get our social security, and ethnic minorities should not be “nationals” of this country.