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Is fearr Gaeilge bhriste ná Béarla cliste???

I would like to comment on this stupid phrase. First of all, it’s in poor Irish. Gaeilge (=Gaedhilge in the correct Irish spelling) is the genitive form. The base form (now that the nominative of this word is obsolete and … Continue reading

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The ingratitude of Chinese workers

Are you, like me, sick of hearing sob stories about the workers at Foxconn’s factory in China, where most of the world’s Apple iPads are produced? Around 20 of the literally hundreds of thousands of workers onsite have committed suicide … Continue reading

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Notes on Nolan 2

p7: discussion of the copula goes further in depth with the dependent forms of the copula of classification corresponding to the Types 1-5 above. 1. Deir sé gur leabhar é sin. 2. Deirimse gurb olc an peacadh. 3. Nách dó’ … Continue reading

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Notes on Nolan 1

I am making some notes on Nolan’s Studies in Modern Irish, volume 1. Nolan (Gearóid Ó Nualláin) seems to have a very logical mind, although sometimes he insists on some points that don’t seem important. An example in his grammar … Continue reading

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