audio files on this site

Audio files referred to here have now been moved to, and can be easily found and listed to here.

1. Mo Sgéal Féin
2. An Soisgéal do réir Mhaitiú
3. Verb conjugations

The recording of Mo Sgéal Féin, the autobiography of Peadar Ua Laoghaire, done for me on June 4th 2009 by native speaker of Cork Irish, Maighréad Bean Uí Lionáird, is available on this site for download by all (for non-commercial use), and the links are as follows:

Chapter 1: download
Chapter 2: download
Chapter 3: download
Chapter 4: download
Chapter 5: download
Chapter 6: download
Chapter 7: download
Chapter 8: download
Chapter 9: download
Chapter 10: download
Chapter 11: download
Chapter 12: download
Chapter 13: download
Chapter 14: download
Chapter 15: download
Chapter 16: download
Chapter 17: download
Chapter 18: download
Chapter 19: download
Chapter 20: download
Chapter 21: download
Chapter 22: download
Chapter 23: download
Chapter 24: download
Chapter 25: download
Chapter 26: download
Chapter 27: download
Chapter 28: download
Chapter 29: download
Chapter 30: download
Chapter 31: download
Chapter 32: download

The recording of Soisgéal do réir Mhaitiú, St Matthew’s Gospel, done for me on August 7th 2010 by Dr Seán Ua Súilleabháin, lecturer in Irish at the University College Cork and leading expert in Cork Irish, is available on this site for download by all (for non-commercial use), and the links are as follows:

Chapter 1: download.
Chapter 2: download.
Chapter 3: download.
Chapter 4: download.
Chapter 5: download.
Chapter 6: download.

A recording of 25 full verb conjugations was done for me on August 10th-11th 2010 by Eoiní Mhaidhc Ó Súilleabháin, native speaker in the Cork Gaeltacht. The link is as follows:

25 verb conjugations

In addition, three great audio files are linked to here.

Recordings of stories from Scéalaíocht Amhlaoibh:

2. É Mhic agus Ó Mhic an Bhradáin: download (Caoimhín Ó Buachalla, October 9th 2016)
3. Fiolar an Chínn Léith: download (Maighréad Uí Lionáird, October 9th 2016)
8. Tadhg Gabha agus an Dial: download (Máirín Ní Shúilleabháin, October 9th 2016)
15. Móirín: download (Ruth Ní Riada, October 9th 2016)

Recordings of stories from Aesop a Tháinig go hÉirinn:

6. Na Machtírí agus na Caoire: download (Caoimhín Ó Buachalla, October 9th 2016)
7. An León agus na Cheithre Tairbh: download (Caoimhín Ó Buachalla, October 9th 2016)
8. Na Froganna a’ Lorg Rí: download (Maighréad Uí Lionáird, October 9th 2016)
9. An Mac agus a Mháthair: download (Maighréad Uí Lionáird, October 9th 2016)
10. An Mada Rua sa Tobar: download (Eilín Ní Lionáird, October 9th 2016)

11 thoughts on “audio files on this site

  1. Большое спасибо! Ожидаются ли какие-то ещё обновления в ближайшее время? Будет ли кто-либо по вашей просьбе озвучивать Шьядну (Seadna)?

    • There are ten more chapters of audio to upload – but I haven’t edited them yet. As soon as I do, they will be uploaded, but we have only done half of Matthew’s Gospel, 14 chapters in all. I am not doing Séadna, as I was told someone else is coming to the Gaeltacht soon to do a recording of Séadna.

    • well, most of the audio files are up now (although I haven’t edited all the verb tables to link to them), but I will put ID3 tags on the rest, and gradually redo the others over the next week or so. Good idea, Aonghus.

  2. Thank you so much for these great audio clips! Could you upload the rest of St. Matthew? I would be extremely grateful.

    Also, do you know if there has ever been any recordings done of the entire Bible (or at least the whole New Testament) in any dialect of Irish and where I might get a hold of a copy?

    • I’m afraid that’s all I got. I would like to get the whole of the New Testament done, but it is extremely difficult to find native speakers who are used to reading Irish fluently. I don’t think the whole Bible has ever been recorded, and the Irish government’s decision to make an artificial standard for Irish makes it harder, as the made-up standard conflicts with all the dialects, making it unnatural to read…

  3. Nílid siad go léir ollamh fós – b’éigean dom a lán díobh a chuir in eagar le hAudacity ar dtúis… Ach nuair a bheid siad ann, cuirfead chút iad.

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