The ingratitude of Chinese workers

Are you, like me, sick of hearing sob stories about the workers at Foxconn’s factory in China, where most of the world’s Apple iPads are produced? Around 20 of the literally hundreds of thousands of workers onsite have committed suicide because of the pressures of working in a factory environment, but it seems to me the Chinese are simply resentful of having to work their way up, the way we worked our way up in the West. They see Western lifestyles on their TV screens, and want it all to just drop into their laps. Greed. Selfishness. That’s all it is. Why don’t they remain as agricultural peasants if they don’t want to do it the hard way?

Their basic wage is Rmb900, or £90, a month, but they get to do an average of 4 hours’ overtime a day. These are long hours – but not longer than was performed by workers during England’s Industrial Revolution, and the money is worth it to Chinese peasants. They get free meals, free accommodation, free transport within the huge facility, free laundry, free swimming pools, free tennis courts, and chess, calligraphy, mountain climbing and fishing are also organized by the company. They did not get all that in the original Industrial Revolution in England.

The trouble with China is that they want the West to just hand everything to them on a plate, without working for it. In fact, I am scandalized. Why is Foxconn wasting money on tennis courts for these ingrates?


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