New Ownership

Hello all, this is Darran McManus. I’m just making a short announcement that I am now running this blog. I’m currently thinking about what texts or other media to cover. One thing I’d like to focus on is getting the works of An Suibhneach Meann up on the site and some material from the Béara dialect of Cork Irish to give a bit of a contrast with the Músgraí material. Possibly a dictionary to help people read Máirtín Verling’s wonderful collections.

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6 Responses to New Ownership

  1. dj1969 says:

    That sounds very good, Darran.

  2. Matthew Webb says:

    Darran, I am looking forward to your leadership of this blog and am interested in your ideas to add new content. I don’t know anything about An Suibhneach Meann.

  3. Pádraig O Floinn says:

    Darren, Gach rath ó Dhia ort ins an obair atá glactha agat chugat féin. Gabhaim buidheachas ó chroi le Dave as an méid sin de shaibhreas teangan ón Athair Peadar a chuir sé ar fáil dúinn. Go ngnóthaighe Dia dhaoibh!

  4. cionaodh says:

    Nár lagaidh Dia do lámh, a Dharrain.

  5. Cian says:

    Delighted to see this blog is still active. I’ve been using the resources here for the last month and for some reason had assumed that this was an inactive blog.

    Thank you guys for the work you do and the resources you provide. Munster needs more men like you! (And women).

  6. dj1969 says:

    I’d like to see Darran upload Seanchas ó Chairbre paragraph by paragraph with vocabularies.

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