The latest version of my dictionary

Dear all,

As I learn Irish I plug all words I encounter in Muskerry literature into my dictionary. The genders and morphology therefore reflect what is in the Corpas I’ve read (mainly Peadair Ua Laoghaire, but also Amhlaoibh Ó Loingsigh and Dónall Bán Ó Céileachair). There is nothing in my dictionary from the Caighdeán Oifigiúil or standardised dictionaries.

This is my private study file that I’ve been collating for more than a decade. So it contains errors, and things I wrote ten years ago that I might not write now. I’m trying to correct it but it is a big job. A link to the file can be found here.

Unfortunately, some of the knowledge has gone as Muskerry is not a category A Gaeltacht. There are 11,600 headwords in my dictionary (but the total lexis is much larger owing to the periphrastic nature of Irish; eg cur ó sheilbh, “to evict”, is a separate word in English, but part of cur in this dictionary). There are 1,300 queries in footnotes to resolve, and I may never be able to resolve them. Eg. the plural of ál, “brood”. Unless I come across a plural in Muskerry literature, it is unlikely I will find out for sure the plural. Probably ála or álanna, or both.

So the file is provided as is, and is searchable. If you see obvious errors, please let me know. Regards, David Webb.

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3 Responses to The latest version of my dictionary

  1. Liz Leary says:

    GRMA. Táim ó Bhaile Deasmhuna mé fein agus chuaigh mo dhearthár chug Ballyvourney fadó fadó. Go n-eirí leat.

    • dj1969 says:

      GRMA as do nóta tráchta. Cuir naisc don chómhaid seo chun pé duine a chuirfeadh suím ann, led thoil. Le meas.

  2. Liz Leary says:

    Tá na focail úd go hiontach ar fad!

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