Five articles on Muskerry Irish

I welcome comments on any of these:

  1. Knotty issues in the pronunciation of Muskerry Irish: here
  2. The use and omission of the definite article (considerable contribution to Irish grammar, IMHO): here
  3. Study of pattern of lenition after ar, thar and gan (also challenges the Standardised grammars): here
  4. Interrogatives in Muskerry Irish: here
  5. A study of the phrase i bhfuirm in Muskerry Irish: here

I will respond to all comments, even negative ones!


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One Response to Five articles on Muskerry Irish

  1. D B Williams says:

    DjWebb a chara,
    Would the following be helpful to your studies?
    Ua Laoghaire, Peadar, Leabhar Rút
    If you would like to see it. Please email me and I’ll send you a link.
    Thanks for all your tireless work.

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