Labharfad le Cách

Peig PDF

The link above is to my transcription of the first 11 of 29 dialogues in the book Labharfad le Cách. The conversations recorded therein are good, but the transcriptions are not correct, making Peig Sayers say tá siad instead of táid siad and faca instead of feaca. There are numerous things mistranscribed there. Tithe instead of titite is another one.

I gather this is all part of the general approach of offering traditional Irish merely as an avenue to learn the conlang: the Official Standard Irish. It ought to be the other way round: traditional Irish is what people should be learning.

I show Peig’s exact words, including elided vowels (eg duin’ for duine before a vowel) and epenthetic vowels (eg or@m for orm in my transcription). I will complete it eventually, and it will be a resource for learning Munster Irish.

I didn’t understand Oiriatha, glossed as Eastern lands in that book. It may be from oirthear. Was there a word oirthriatha?

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3 Responses to Labharfad le Cách

  1. Peigín says:

    Sin Gaeilge Chiarraí. Ar cheart dó a bheith ar an suíomh so?

    • djwebb2010 says:

      Cad is brí le GAEILGE Chiarraí? Gaelainn Chiarraí? Ar ndó’, is ceart é ‘ chuir air mo shuíomh, mar is liomsa an suíomh so, agus is mise ‘ dheineann socrú air gach rod anso.

  2. Micheál says:

    A dhuine uasal,

    Is iontach an fhoinse atá annso do foghlaimeoirí na teangan.

    Achaine agam ort; aon seans go ndéanfá tábla ag léiriú foirmeacha éagsúla na copaile, go háirithe sna clásail choibhneasta?

    Bheinn ana bhuíoch duit!

    Beir bua,


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