Another reply from PUL to Pléimeann

Replies given by PUL scribbled on a letter from Risteárd Pléimeann dated 1 December 1917. PUL’s comments are in regular font.

I find you say is mó a chuirfidh sé d’áthas orm ná… and cuirfidh sé níos mó áthais orm ná. When a comparative followed by a noun is combined with some form of the verb is then the noun must be preceded by de. Am I right in this rule.

You are right!

Father Nolan taught that oblique relatives except when combined with ro eclipse and never aspirate. Yet at p48 of Aithris ar Ch I find cad é an scannradh óna shaorfair thu féin.

It should not be aspirated there. It was either I or the printer that made that mistake. As far as I can call to mind Father N. is right.


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