An interesting letter

Co. Cork. Aug. 25th 1917

My dear Fr. Richard

I suppose I must have sent you back Beasley’s Book. But it does not matter. I can answer these questions without it.

(1.) I would not. I would have said um thráthnóna, and instead of ag triall air I would have said chúithi.

(2.) No. In achrann ionam is the usage.

(3.) Air is right. The pronoun in air represents the fact bhí buille allaíre ar an máthair. But san is redundant. It has no business there. The “it” in “signs on it” is not the allaíre, but the fact that the allaíre was on the mother.

(4.) In English we say “a sermon as long as today and tomorrow”. In Irish we say faid an lae amáirigh de sheanmóin. (I can’t bear that i mbáirigh). Amáireach is what I have always heard = “tomorrow”.

N.B. I see there is a design of absorbing the College of Irish Learning by the Gaelic League. Don’t let yourselves be absorbed by them. It is the old story. They want to boss everything! They want to be dictating. Fellows who don’t know a bit about real Irish want to be dictating to those who do. All the Irish Colleges will do better if each of them will work out its own business. How can Ballingeary work, e.g. if its workers are to be waiting for directions from quarters! or from any other college, or from any outside quarter. It is fellows who don’t want to take the trouble of learning Irish that want to be “coordinating” those who do. Don’t have anything to do with them.

Do chara Peadar Ua Laoghaire


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