Points made by PUL to Risteárd Pléimeann

Replies given by PUL scribbled on a letter from Risteárd Pléimeann dated 19 December 1917. PUL’s comments are in regular font.

p98 Paragraph 4
mo náire agus mh’aithis

My shame and my disgrace it is. Mh’ is only a usage. Mo mháthair is mh’athair is a common usage.

Breithniú=judge, also to contemplate as contrasted with breithniú ar a mere considering. Is this right?

Fairly right!

Can you say tá sé nár gcuaradh as well as tá sé dhár gcuaradh?


You explained to me the difference between áthas and gáirdeachas. In what relation does lúcháir stand to them?

It is the pleasure of either.

What is the vowel sound in loirg is it o followed immediately by a slender r or ui?

Exactly. L being broad o and slender r i and g.


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