A bibliography of PUL’s works

Shán Ó Cuív compiled a list of 487 works of PUL, including books, pamphets, articles, letters to journals. More than 400 were articles or letters in periodicals, but these included serialized versions of many of his longer works, including Sgéalaidheachta as an mBíobla Naomhtha. These were often accompanied by detailed explanations of grammar and vocabulary. The 487 do not include private letters unless they have been published in books or otherwise published in the public domain.

See here for my annotated list. I have not included the 418 periodical items, but all the books, pamphets and articles in edited books etc are all there with an indication of whether I have copies or not. I keep this list as I need to know without having to sort through my library if I possess a book or not – or I may buy it twice from a second-hand bookseller! I am very close to having all the main works and many of the incidental items too.

PUL’s translation of the Bible, apart from the published Gospels and Acts of the Apostles, are not among the 487, as they remain in manuscript only. If you add those on to the list you start to realise that he was the pivotal figure of the Gaelic Revival, with an unrivalled output. And yet only Séadna is available in a (relatively) faithful edition nowadays. Everything else is out of print, and has been for decades. [I am not included editions of Mo Sgéal Féin and Don Chíchóté that are a long way from being the original Cork Irish.]

To think that PUL only began publishing in Irish in his mid-50s! And yet he managed to achieve all this….


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