The Daily Mail discovers a Negro tribe of Germans

The Daily Mail has an undeserved reputation as a patriotic newspaper, but frequently publishes articles claiming that Africans and Asians are in fact Europeans. This is not a question of “hating” people of other origins–we should not hate other people for who they are–but the principle applies in both directions. We are entitled to our identities and cultures too. If you are not of European descent, you are not European, and will cause grave offence by claiming or using European passports or other identity documents.

Take the article about a “German doctor” who contributed to a patient’s death. The doctor’s name is Daniel Ubani–and he most certainly is not German. His gross negligence would be highly unusual in a real German. Actually, he is Nigerian, not German, and shouldn’t be in the EU at all–or would not be, had it not been for the treasonable policies followed by the German and UK governments.

Look at this man’s photograph, and tell me how German he looks:

The insistence that people who are not members of the nations whose passports they carry are in fact bona fide nationals of those countries is part of an attempt to render national identity meaningless.

Take the online magazine Spiked Online. Josie Appleton asks “when so few European women wear the full veil, why are governments falling over themselves to ban it?” Clearly she is trying to insinuate that Asian colonists in Europe are “European women”. But what does the term “European” mean if even non-Europeans are thereby encompassed?

In Ireland, Rotimi Adebari, a Nigerian, was elected mayor of Portlaoise only seven years after arriving in the country. We should be clear he was not elected mayor in a popular vote–it was an internal vote of the council that decided it. Handy, isn’t it? Democracy is so much more palatable to our rulers when the people themselves are not actually involved!

In the UK, Diane Abbott, an Afro-Caribbean, wants to run for the position of leaderette of the Labour Party–she hasn’t bothered to explain why she should be running for office in our country.

These people are not Europeans, and it is time we ended free entry to our country by holders of debauched passports. If Germans, Canadians, French, Irish, Americans, Italians, Australians want to come here – they should either apply for visas first or sort out their own citizenship rolls, which have been heavily compromised over the past few decades.


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